Prayer Requests #2

Let’s remember to pray with and pray for one another so that we can be of encouragement to eachother and also be a reminder to one another that we serve together and do not walk this narrow path alone. If you didn’t see the first post on prayer requests just follow the link.

·        Collins

–        Please pray for his roommate, Matt B. The Lord has unhardened his heart and he now is starting to go to church. Pray that the Spirit continues to stir his spirit.

–        Please pray that Collins would remain and seek the Lord so that he can be a powerful spiritual influence in his roommate’s life.

·        Lora

–        Please pray over Lora’s job situation and that she would have patience for where God wants her to be. Pray that she would have an open heart and mind to obey.

·        Matt & Rebecca

–        Please pray over a mission opportunity to Russia

–        Also, pray over Brenda Noble.

·        Krista

–        Krista is taking 33 kids on a two night field trip this Thursday through Saturday. She’s having a difficult time working at this new job because the kids aren’t exactly open to her as a new teacher since she came on during the middle of the semester. Being far away from her close friends and family doesn’t make her transition any easier, so please pray over her heart and her students. Krista says that her students need Jesus.

·        CJ

–        Please pray patience over CJ as he waits for work

–        Also pray motivation over him to keep practicing

·        Kylie

–        Please continue to pray for her boyfriend, Tyler’s, father as he undergoes treatments for cancer. He’s already experiencing relief when he walks. The tumor is putting less pressure on his spine.

·        Ryan

–        Please pray that whatever is holding Ryan back from Christ wouldn’t bind him. He wants to be able to fully trust and rely on Jesus.

·        Josh

–        Please pray for guidance and direction over Josh, especially when it comes to work.

–        Also pray that he would be faithful in waiting for the next move.

·        Jon

–        Please pray for Jon’s dad to have peace while dealing with Dementia and ALS

–        Pray strength over his mom as the primary caregiver for his dad

–        Also pray over Jon, as he desires to seek out wisdom daily

·        Miranda

–        I’m praising the Lord for all His wonderful blessings in our life. He is constantly amazing me and leaving me in complete and total wonder at the works of His hand.

–        I ask for His continue guidance over this season of preparing for marriage with Jon. That He would stay at the center of our relationship and teach us many things during this engagement season.

–        Also, Jon and I are beginning pre-marital counseling at Dogwood… so please pray that the Lord would give our mentors (The Duncans) wisdom as they walk alongside us the next couple of months.


-Contine praying for her small group leader from high school. She has stage four ovarian cancer. As it she is a walking miracle and has lived four years since her diagnosis but was given 30-90 days this morning. She is the most godly woman Karla has ever met and truly lives each day thanking God. Please be praying!

Thanks so much!

[Pray without ceasing. Pray in the Spirit. Pray in confidence and boldness]


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