With all the technology, phone updates, apps, digital communication, and lack of personal touch, the American society has forgotten what it means to have personal relationships anymore. I mean, how did anyone ever meet before, Facebook, or twitter? How did social gatherings happen, how did weddings get planned, how did people express their feelings?

I mean it’s not like they could just…write letters, go outside and meet each other, see the outdoors, actually use muscles to do manual labor rather than just machines, write poetry or songs that have more than three beats and references to prostitutes and money……

OH WAIT…that’s EXACTLY what people used to do! Interesting how society survived for thousands of years before the “smart” phone and texting in abbrevs……..

All sarcasm aside…

With all these distractions and “instant” messages/pictures/videos/meals etc. we have become so distant to the concept of patience, hard work, and long-term goals. With that, we expect answers from God immediately as well. So if you are like me, you bounce ideas off of your accountability partners, talk in circles, over-analyze everything until it gets to the point where after all is said and done, no decision has been made on anything.

Whether it be in relationships, life-changing events or any other choice in life, why do we tend to over think things? In fact, the over-analyzing is good for blogs like this, and for sharing information to readers all over the world, but in our own walk…this can be an extreme waste of time.

I’m not suggesting that we jump before asking God where our next steps are, but what I am suggesting is that we follow the advice given to me by my best friend:

“dude you talk a lot, how much do you listen when you’re done presenting your request to God?”


Sometimes God doesn’t move you to make a decision based on passionate emotion or comfort. Sometimes it’s not peaceful to be in a position where there are two possible outcomes to a decision you make; one decision could result in good and one could result with negative consequences. What God says is that you will find peace if you are obedient to Him and that it will be given to you in such a way that it will surpass all understanding.

So rather than continue to write a thousand word essay in this blog, let’s do exactly what God asks us to do when we present our requests to Him.

Let’s Listen.

God doesn’t always come in lightning and thunder. He comes in the quiet whisper…in the peace. So for those that may be reading this blog. Take time out today or tomorrow and (weather permitting) go sit outside or somewhere quiet…and sit alone and just listen. Turn off your iPhone/droid/etc., close your laptop, forget about updating your Facebook status or twitter feed (as there is no eternal value in either), and step away from the distractions of “instant” technology. Don’t say anything, don’t look for an answer to anything. Just sit and be in the presence of God and let Him show you all the things He has done so that you might be filled with a passion for Him.

God always provides enough time, energy, and resources. God never fails. So why not give listening a try? Even if it’s something you don’t want to hear, be obedient to what He says.



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