Prayer Requests #3

Let’s keep praying for one another. These are prayer requests that I receive through email/Facebook etc. and post on this site. If you have any other prayer requests that you would like to share, leave a comment or send a message and I will include them in these posts!

·        Angie

–        Please keep Angie’s mother-in-law in your prayers as she goes through rehab.

–        Also please keep her son-in-law in prayer as he continues seeking employment with Dogwood Church.

·        CJ

–        Pray for patience over CJ as he waits to hear back about jobs.

–        Also pray over his continuing preparations for his auditions.

·        Jessica

–        Jessica saw that there was a school shooting in Ohio and she wants us to remember to pray for those people and families that were affected.

·        Jon

–        Please pray for Jon’s dad to have peace while dealing with Dementia and ALS

–        Pray strength over his mom as the primary caregiver for his dad

–        Also pray over Jon, as he desires to seek out wisdom daily

·        Kristen

–        Kristen and her husband are praying the Lord’s will as they seek out a new season of life.

·        Kylie

–        She’s asking for continued prayer for her boyfriend’s dad, Tim Willis, as he has chemo treatments and radiation. He went to the gym on Saturday and worked out a the same intensity as before he was diagnosed with cancer.

–        Praise –The principal of the school that Kylie teaches at told her Monday that many parents of current kindergarteners are requesting her as their child’s first grade teacher! God is good!

·        Lora

–        Keep Lora in prayer this week as she continues interviewing for a job position.

·        Matt & Rebecca

–        Please pray over a job opportunity for Rebecca

–        Also pray for Russia mission this year and beyond.

·        Miranda

–        I’ve been really overwhelmed lately… and I don’t really know how to ask y’all to pray. But please keep me in mind when you do.

–        Also, Jon and I start pre-marriage counseling tonight.

If you haven’t been keeping up then click on these two links for the prayer updates from before

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