Social media, is vastly taking over how we communicate with the world around us. Most people have their noses in kindles, ipads, ipods, iphones, text messages, tweets, etc. and are missing out on the world around them.

While I also use social media, there comes a point where we as Christians need to prioritize. A random “month off of social media” or a “fast” from technology isn’t enough to change our lives. While I think it’s great that we can do those things, why not use social media for Christ instead of for our own personal benefit? There are so many things we can post about that encourage others and focus them on Christ….but here’s the catch: when you’re actually with the people that you’ve encouraged and chatted with, PUT DOWN YOUR PHONES!


It’s incredible how much we ignore what’s going on around us, just because we’re too busy looking up the latest app! Children run wild, while parents check their email on their phones, friends ignore newcomers because they’re too busy updating Facebook, texting other friends, tweeting about their updated Facebook statuses, and the food they’ve just eaten for breakfast…and the list goes on.


How did people ever survive before “smart” phones? I mean before there was match.com, how did anyone ever get married?

Isn’t it incredible how much we rely on computers to do work for us, that we forget about the human aspect of life? Everyone posts status updates about how they feel, who hurt them that day, how angry or happy they are, who they are in a relationship with or just broke up with…and that has become where humanity gets one of its greatest sources of “truth.” How ridiculous!

I’ll take a 2 hour conversation with a person, FACE-TO-FACE, over text messaging any day of the week. The point I am getting at here is that everything is instant these days, and we wonder why kids aren’t respectful of their parents, why patience is no longer a virtue for most people, and why so many different relationships fall apart. Well here’s the honest answer…the reason things don’t work out, the reason all these different relationships struggle…is because it doesn’t take any effort to maintain them anymore.


If something doesn’t require a sacrifice of you, whether that sacrifice is time, money, sleep, work, etc. then it’s probably not worth it. When a guy seeks after a girl, he will spend so much of his time with her, trying to impress her, listening to her, going on dates, etc. and if the girl happens to play “hard to get”….oh man will that guy step it up! He’ll sacrifice his own pride and social status/Facebook status, just to make sure the girl knows that he is interested.


That’s what Christ did with His word and his death for us. He did EVERYTHING and sacrificed EVERYTHING for a personal relationship. Not for a text message or to have twitter followers, but for a WALK with Him. Imagine what life would look like, if we actually invested in the lives of those around us and put our phones on silent or, heaven forbid, turned them off for an hour, to spend time with people. No, in that hour you’re not going to have all your friends call you, half of your family die while the other half calls you, or miss out on winning a million dollars because you didn’t answer your phone.


Imagine what happened in times before phones. If someone was sick or dying, they sent a LETTER or a MESSENGER…an actual person…and by the time that message was delivered…it  might be too late. The moral of the story is, God has control of time, and we DON’T need to know everything now…that way He can show up in perfect timing and show you just how much He DOES know what’s going on in your life as well as the lives of others.


My challenge to you social networkers out there (myself included): USE your media to proclaim the gospel of Christ. I honestly don’t care what you had for breakfast, the ninja skills you have, how many times you went to the gym, how many guns you own/shoot, the process of your child’s birth (yes…people do post updates AS THEY ARE IN LABOR…and that’s just not cool), or who you are in a relationship with today. I am more than happy to hear about ALL of those things IN PERSON, but I don’t care to see them on Facebook, twitter, foursquare, etc. Instead, let’s DO what we SAY as Christians. Let’s be set apart. Let’s look so different or “weird” even, on our social media, that world could NOT mistake us for anything other than Christ followers. Build real relationships with real people in real life. No more SIMS, no more dating websites, meet real people. Go outside and bask in the GLORY OF GOD. It’s EVERYWHERE!! All you have to do is stop, look around, and listen to what God has done. It’s all there.


If you accept this challenge, then I ask that you hold me to it as well (for those that follow this blog). Remember, God is in it for a deep relationship with His people and if we are to be like Him, we are to have the same goal.


So challenge number 2: Meet someone new today/reconnect with someone who you have neglected to communicate with, find out several things about them…and share Christ’s love with them. No. Seriously. Stop reading this and go outside somewhere and find a tangible person.



[Facebook.Twitter.Pinterest.Instagram.Foursquare.LinkedIn] < [GOD.RELATIONSHIPS.REAL LIFE]


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