Many Christians misunderstand the difference between being used by Christ, and being USED by the world.


What I mean by this, is that we think that serving Christ, loving others at all costs, means we let people walk all over us, with the hopes that one day someone will see the goodness of our hearts and just stop using us as doormats.



Yeah. No.


Christians are not doormats.


Matthew 7:6 says “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces”


There is a time when we have to walk away from things that are hindering our own relationship with Christ. That being said, if you ARE a Christian, you need to know that it’s not ok to do this to the rest of the body of Christ. Accountability and “using” other Christians….are two completely different things. At first they may look the same but there is quite a difference.


Accountability is two one-way streets from two (or more) people who are willing to invest in one another. This is what we call a relationship. Using people…is a one way street from one person to you. It means that you accept all the blessings and encouragement from the other person, but when the time comes for you to have that same standard/integrity required of you…then it becomes “too difficult” or “you just don’t want to do that.”




So often we thank and encourage people for who they are in our lives because we see others all around that remind us of the goodness that said person once shared with us. UM HELLO? Go back to the person that originally showed you love, thank them, and realize that it’s THEM you wish to value.


To put this in two simpler terms. If you have a friend that loved you like crazy…you ignored/didn’t understand it…and moved on……yet somewhere down the road you see countless examples of that SAME love and finally understand where it was coming from…then don’t keep missing it! Go to that person and do more than thank them. Love them back (now that you understand how).


Here’s my reasoning for this: this is how we respond to Christ.


Day after day after day ….Christ loves us in brand new ways. He takes COUNTLESS measures to make sure that we see Him, yet we still ignore him. Later in life we are brought to our knees by a situation and finally look back at all the love He has given us.


We have two choices at this point…to continue on our same paths, ignoring the love that’s right in front of us, OR we can turn back to Christ and pour out all that we’ve learned and all the love we have …to the one that first gave it to us.



Makes sense doesn’t it?


[Don’t Use People.Don’t Be Used By People. Be Used by Love, For Love]


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