Language and Driving in Uganda

So here are a few important phrases to learn in Swahili, starting with the most important:

Choo ido wapi = Where is the toilet?
Jina langu is ______ = my name is
Habari za asubuhi? = News of this morning? (aka good morning)
Habari za mchana? = News of the afternoon? (good afternoon)
Habari za jioni? = News of the evening? (Good evening)
Nzuri = (“it’s good” response for the above)
Nina furahi kuwa pamoja nanyi = I am happy to be here/ to be among you.
Asante = Thank you
Asante sana = Thank you very much
Jambo sana = A“big” hello
Jambo = Hello
Je’huna mke = Don’t you have a woman?
Nina furahi kukuonana = Nice to meet you (singular)
Nina furahi kuwaonana = Nice to meet you (plural)
Jino lako ni nani? = Your name is who? (what is your name)

And here’s what it looks like when Cassandra drives in Uganda and yes…the wheel is on the right side of the car!


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