The phrase “worthless” is something that has been floating around lately. So many people have either believed or have been convinced that they have no value because they are unclean or because they “have a past that they are ashamed of.”

Acts 10:15

“Again a voice came to him a second time, “What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy.”

Acts 11:9

“But a voice from heaven answered a second time, ‘What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy.’

Twice Peter was confronted by God about offering the gift of eternal life/salvation to the gentiles. His initial response each time was “but they are unclean” and God’s response was the same…both times.

“What God has cleansed, no longer consider unholy.”

This doesn’t just go for Disciples looking out on those that want to know Christ, this goes for us as individuals too.

If we constantly look back and remember the stain that sin left on our lives, then we forget about the blood that washed that stain away.

Proverbs 26:11

“Like a dog that returns to his vomit is a fool who repeats his folly”

What this means is that we need to be aware of what sin did…it stained us and it can continue to stain those that don’t know Christ…but when we commit our lives to serving our Lord and Savior, when we confess Christ IS Lord and that He died to TAKE our stains on HIMSELF and die to death so that the infinite weight that sin brings….could be SHATTERED and LEFT BEHIND…then we HAVE to recognize that our stains are no longer visible.

This ALSO means that we are not to intentionally stain others so that we look more holy.

  • Guys: You have been forgiven and you have been charged with protecting, defending, and speaking the truth. You are Men of God that were placed in this world to mirror the actions of our Father and show this world that no matter what is thrown at you, that there are still strong servants that exist to stand for truth and to “guard wisdom in your heart.” Women are the keepers of wisdom. That is the attribute that God has gifted them with…so this means you are to GUARD THEM WITH YOUR LIFE. Treating a woman as anything other than a daughter of the King of the Universe, is not acceptable. God saw how incomplete Man was with only half of His attributes and God took the time to hand craft a helper to be equal partners with us in His kingdom. He loved us that much and he commands us to love his daughters (not lust after) by honoring, respecting, and pointing them to the truth. He commands us to love our wives (because he knows we need that reminder) and he tasks them with honoring us because that’s how we feel loved. SO, let it not be said that women of this world believe they are worthless because of what the men on this earth have taught them to believe.NO.MORE. 
  • Girls: You guard wisdom and you seek truth. It’s why you seek a man that makes you feel loved, safe, appreciated, and valuable. These are all things Christ has created you to be and therefore created you to desire out of men. It is how you hold us accountable. There are still men that stand for these truths and will fight to protect your heart. A true man of God will never try to win your heart, it already belongs to Christ, he will only try to be the chief guard so that you know what it means to be loved. Honor him for that and do not try to take his position. We already know you can do a better job in leading (at least at the beginning) but God wants you to help make him a MAN of GOD so that everything else will fall into place. Do not lower your standards because you don’t believe MEN exist. Do not surrender your worth because some guy told you otherwise. KNOW that you are a daughter of the King, the one who breathed everything into existence, and hand-crafted YOU specifically. Not only that, Christ died for YOU…that if no other being on earth would accept Him…He still would have willingly gone to the cross to get you. That is the man of your dreams, the one the movies are all about. He came for you, and gave up His LIFE (think about that…infinite God…gives up His life for you), just so He could be with you.Hold Men to this standard and watch what they do to get there.


I never want to hear a woman say that she doesn’t deserve to be called incredible/beautiful/loved/worthy because of her past or because of men in her past. I especially never want to hear a woman of God believe these lies. So the burden first falls on men. It is your job [men] to speak truth and life…while also LIVING it so that these women know they are loved and loved by Christ. Do that, and watch how they will honor you.

Christ gave up the most valuable thing in all existence so that we would know Him, so that He could testify to the truth, so we could live it out, and love all those that he has cleansed. They are no longer unholy.

Christ Died. Christ Returned. Christ Defeated Sin and Death forever.



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