What Real Men of God Do #6


Real Men of God Pray

One of the most underestimated weapons available to the followers of Christ is prayer. Coupled with worship prayer is one of the most powerful ways we can enter into a relationship with Christ.

All throughout the book of Kings (I&II) and Chronicles (I&II) battles were won by the Lord because they were preceded by prayer and worship. Armies were destroyed, ambushes were divided and overcome, giants were toppled, and walls were razed to the ground.

What’s sad is that the common misconception today is that prayer is merely a conversation between us and God, where we share about our day, talk about our frustrations and ask for blessings, protection, and for our food to taste good. While these are some of the benefits of praying to a loving God, they do not reflect the depth of communion with God.

God isn’t merely a hybrid of a genie and a psychiatrist. He doesn’t just listen to our whining and then grant us three wishes every time we approach Him. Don’t get me wrong, The Lord loves to commune with and hear the hearts of His children. However, the main purpose in prayer isn’t to quiet our whining and suffering, but to allow us to reverently bow our hearts in submission to Christ, and listen for His voice to declare His will over us so that we may act according to His instructions. We don’t have to be men/women of many or fancy words, we don’t have to say the perfect prayer, and we don’t even have to be in a church pew to come before The Lord.

Some make the argument that the Lord heard the prayers of the ridiculously righteous and only those that were near blameless. However, James tells us that the qualifications for praying in faith to the Lord are pretty simple.

James 5:17

English Standard Version (ESV)

17 Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed fervently that it might not rain, and for three years and six months it did not rain on the earth



Elijah was a man just like us. Elijah called down fire from heaven, defeated a large group of Baal worshippers, raced down a mountain and [on foot] beat chariots back to his home town, and he even slipped away from a vast army when the Lord struck them with blindness (at the request of Elijah) so that the enemy’s plans would be thwarted.

All of this was done in the life of a “man just like us.”


Prayer is a vital part of the livelihood of any disciple of Christ. We all will fall short at times, but we are to strive to return to Christ and learn to pray without ceasing. A praying man is one that can lead and honor a “suitable helper” and lead them into a greater understanding of who Christ is. This is also true of women. A praying woman is one that can honor her boyfriend/husband by building him up to be the leader he needs to be while he, in turn, builds his wife up to be the disciple of Christ that she is called to be. This praying partnership is one of the most important aspects of a successful relationship.

Logically, if your relationship with Christ suffers when you are lacking in prayer, thus lacking in the knowledge of His intentions and plans, how much more will your relationships with others fail? A man who does not pray for and with the woman he is dating/pursuing, is not yet ready to be made into a husband.


Without prayer, all relationships are subject to unnecessary suffering and possible failure. While other faults and habits (such as nail-biting or food preferences) can be easily overlooked for the sake of love (Agape), prayer cannot be overlooked.


Pray often.Pray with one another.Pray without ceasing.

[A Real Man of God prays about everything]


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