Mold and Sin



Prolonged exposure to mold will lead to sickness, a gradual decline in health, and can even lead to death. It is something that, even in scripture, wasn’t taken lightly.


Then he who owns the house shall come and tell the priest, It seems to me there is some sort of disease in my house. Then the priest shall command that they empty the house before [he] goes in to examine the disease, so that all that is in the house may not be declared unclean; afterward [he] shall go in to see the house. He shall examine the disease, and if it is in the walls of the house with depressed spots of dark green or dark red appearing beneath [the surface of] the wall, Then the priest shall go out of the door and shut up the house seven days. The priest shall come again on the seventh day and shall look; and if the disease has spread in the walls of the house, He shall command that they take out the diseased stones and cast them into an unclean place outside the city. He shall cause the house to be scraped within round about and the plaster or mortar that is scraped off to be emptied out in an unclean place outside the city. And they shall put other stones in the place of those stones, and he shall plaster the house with fresh mortar. If the disease returns, breaking out in the house after he has removed the stones and has scraped and plastered the house, then the priest shall come and look, and if the disease is spreading in the house, it is a rotting or corroding leprosy in the house; it is unclean.

He shall tear down the house—its stones and its timber and all the plaster or mortar of the house—and shall carry them forth out of the city to an unclean place

-Leviticus 14:35-45

Several measures are put in place to prevent, contain and then eventually eradicate mold. It is something that will not only infest and ruin the house it starts in, but can then spread throughout the rest of the land. This is why God’s people were commanded to first be positive that mold had indeed infested the house, and then to completely tear it down and remove it from the city to an unclean place. Furthermore, scripture says that all those that entered the house while it had mold would be considered unclean for that day.


It’s an interesting picture of sin is it not? Sin doesn’t always cause instant death, but instead is a slow infestation of rotting disease. At first it is easy to contain or even control, but the more it spreads within our own lives, the more devastating it gets. At some point even if we replace a few beams in the house (stop a few sins but don’t stop the root of it) then all we are doing is allowing new beams, new areas of our lives to be infected with sin.

Whether we move states to get away from certain people, scenes, or habits, it won’t matter if we haven’t gotten rid of the sin that brought us low in the first place.


So it is with all sin. Christians do not desire that any perish, but some will choose to remain in sin and remain unclean.


If we knew that our house was full of mold and the government/law decreed that in 24 hours that house MUST be burned to the ground to save the houses and lives of all those around AND on top of that, insurance (Jesus) would pay for a brand new house and replace all our stuff…we wouldn’t even argue. It would be a minor inconvenience. We would have to look for new furniture, make new memories to fill picture frames, re-decorate, and even change the way things were, but we would live.

However, when Christians preach about the sin (mold) in all our lives and we point out where Jesus told us there is mold, there is condemnation. Others think “well they want us to burn with the house.”

On the contrary, Christians want everyone out of the house when it burns down because there is a brand new one, full of life…just waiting for you. Yes …it requires change, yes it requires you to do things that prevent mold and protect you against it (Armor of God)….but all these things bring long and eternal life.

Just as mold must be torn down and burned, so must sin. Do not blame the law, God, or Christians if you choose to stay in the house when it has been decreed to be burned to the ground. It is not because the Law of the prophets, God, or Christians have condemned YOU. On the contrary, what has been condemned is the mold or SIN that permeates the house. It is the PERSON who condemns themselves to the fire when they choose to remain in a house that is being burned down for the purpose of saving YOUR life and the lives of others.

Jesus already paid for and even BUILT your new perfect house. It’s mold free. It’s insured and covered for all eternity.

That’s what Christians are trying to preach. God, Jesus, His Holy Spirit, and Christians love PEOPLE so much that we don’t want you to suffer in a moldy house that is destined to be burned to the ground.

Leave the mold behind and choose life.


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