Social Media and Jesus



Several Christians often take “social media fasts” or “breaks from technology” in order to refocus on Christ. Very awesome. I do want to pose a challenge though:

If social media is causing you to stumble and sin, then throw it away just as Christ instructed.
If it is merely distracting you because you spend more time stalking others than you do building relationships and preaching the gospel, then take that time away to ask Jesus to refocus your efforts. The world is on social media and we can use that to Christ’s advantage.


He said that His disciples will do even greater things because He went to the father (John 14:12).

Paul spent his entire life writing a few letters (that became part of scripture) to a few churches and the whole world was influenced by them. Today we can literally cut and paste a link (…and instantly send the ENTIRE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD to thousands of people. There are 1000 (exactly) friends connected to my Facebook that can instantly receive truth. How much more so if we all do this? Is not the goal to preach the gospel to every nation and then the end will come? (Matthew 24:14). Yes discipleship takes time and “teaching” takes time..but “preaching”…is kinda what I am doing right now on Facebook….

Do not dismiss social media because of a personal weakness, but instead “renew your mind” and find a way to “be in the world” while not “of it” so that we might “save some” (1 Corinthians 9:22).

Be intentional with a FEW. Be in community with MANY. Be able to share the gospel to EVERYONE. Be committed to JESUS.


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