Then Peter, [because he was] filled with [and controlled by] the Holy Spirit, said to them[…] (Acts 4:8 AMP)


We often forget that the Holy Spirit is not a “tool” at our disposal. We don’t get to “use” Him for miracles, healings, “supernatural” gifts, or any of the sort. HE gets to use US. We are HIS tools to be used in glorifying His name. No laws govern God (nothing governs perfection) and therefore WE do not govern Him.
Many people throw aside the “rules” or the “law” when it comes to the power of the Holy Spirit. Many are taught that we are supernatural when in fact, we are SUPER (extremely/very)…natural. Jesus and His Holy Spirit are Supernatural and when we join with HIM, HE can/will do incredible things.

We must not forget that when Jesus said He came to fulfill the law and the that we are “free” from the law, He did not mean free from obedience to it. He meant that we are free from the “law of sin and death”

For the law of the Spirit of life [which is] in Christ Jesus [the law of our new being] has freed me from the law of sin and of death. (Romans 8:2 AMP)


The law of sin and death is this: Sin leads to death. Not just physical death, but spiritual death. Physical death is sealed and WILL happen, but JESUS freed us from SPIRITUAL death by paying the debt to sin. So it’s not that He is freeing us from obedience of the law, but from the debt to it so that no man may boast in His works. Jesus did away with the penalty of the law of the prophets so that we might give ALL glory to Him.

We often think of the books of the bible as the Old Testament and New Testament (old and new covenant) when really it was the first covenant, and the second covenant or “second part” of the covenant. Jesus offered salvation to the Jews first….and they rejected it, thus allowing the gentiles (US) to come to know Him. Scripture is one (unified). God is one (unified) and scripture, from beginning to end, tells the story of the love of Christ and His mercy on us. God does not change.
If we were to reject the law of the prophets or that the law does not pertain to us, then we must reject the first commandment:


You shall have no other gods before or besides Me (Exodus 20:3 AMP)


If we reject this first commandment, we reject Jesus.
Sin= “Not God” = Death
Jesus = “God” = Life

How do you get rid of “Not God?” …by paying for it with “ALL GOD.”

You get rid of death…with the power of eternal life.
Jesus was the only one who could fill the void to sin and thus pay the debt to it.

He has authority over all and we get to join in by letting Him display His love through us.


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