For I am the Lord, I do not change; that is why you, O sons of Jacob, are not consumed. -Malachi 3:6 AMP


When we travel to different countries, the currency we bring with us will (at some point) need to be changed into the local currency. Now, because we live in a fallen world the exchange rate is always fluctuating. Regardless, I cannot use pesos or yen in U.S. establishments. That is because the standard for the United States is the dollar. That means when anyone in the world comes to live or work here, they will receive “dollars” in exchange for their work. So, in this scenario, the Dollar is the perfect standard and perfect payment for those in the U.S.

In God’s kingdom, there is a similar standard and exchange.

The Lord is perfect. The Lord does not change. The Lord does not need to change. He is the perfect standard for which all others that come into His Kingdom, must adhere to. All have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God and none are righteous without Him. This means that we are  not perfect (not even close).


Someone or something that is “perfect” does not need to change. In fact, it is the measuring stick by which all other similar things are to adhere to. If a perfect light bulb is crafted…we don’t then try to imperfect it so that it looks like the rest. Rather, every new bulb is modeled after what was deemed perfect.


So why is it that mankind is so resistant to change? We are looking in the face of perfection yet don’t want to change. Instead we want what is perfect, to be made imperfect so that we can relate better. This mindset makes no sense, yet we live our lives like this EVERY DAY.


If someone in the U.S. insisted that we allow yen to be exchanged/allowed as currency rather than the U.S. dollar, then the dollar becomes devalued and even “worthless” for all those in this “kingdom.” This is also true of the word and character of Christ. If we make Him out to be anything less than perfect, then we devalue Him, His Kingdom, and His people.


To refuse positive change, is to pridefully refuse Christ. God sets Himself against the haughty and proud, but gives continual grace to the humble.


Until we meet Him face to face, change will always happen.


Accept correction. Accept instruction. Accept change.


Accept Christ.


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