Jesus as a man




When Jesus came to this earth, He chose to come in the form of a Man (Philippians 2:7-8). This wasn’t a statement from God that “men were better than women” or that he “favored” one over the other, as some might argue. Yes God is referred to as He in all of scripture but that is not because God is male. 

As stated in previous posts, men and women guard different attributes of God and certain attributes were made to lead other attributes. Christ was fully man and fully God and therefore had the ability to demonstrate all the characteristics of God. With that being said, it is very fitting that He chose to come as a man in order to bring us back to fellowship with The Father.

Adam, the first man failed to protect his wife from the lies and temptations of the evil one, endangering his own heart and dooming mankind to death. Christ came as the second Adam in order to pay the debt to sin that was perpetuated by Adam.

Along with this, Christ came as a man in order to challenge the Men of this world to a higher standard.

In the garden when Eve was given her punishments, they were:


1. Increased childbirth pain

2. She will desire her husband but he will be over her

The sad thing is that Eve probably realized that Adam was not (in that moment) the leader that all women hope their husbands will be. He sacrificed their eternal lives for a moment of curiosity. Rather than leading, Adam let the serpent lead and then passed blame on to Eve for his actions.

In short: Adam wussed out.

Christ walked this earth so that MEN would know what it means to be real men who guard their wives and families against the lies of the evil one. Christ is considered to be the groom and we are his bride (the Church) and as such He gave His life in order to reunite us with The Father and to give us His righteousness.

Jesus gave up Heaven for us. Adam gave up his convictions for lust.

Jesus came to earth as a man in order to restore our broken relationship to God The Father. Therefore, men (as they model Christ) are to do the same in their own families. When a father is cut off from his family/wife/kids (willingly etc.) then the rest of the family suffers as well as the future families that may come about through his children. When a man does not rise up and become a Godly leader in his community and in his own house, he is in danger of following in Adam’s footsteps.

Men, your relationships with your wives/future wives must be sound and founded in Christ if you want the rest of your future family to be solid as well.

Follow Christ’s example and be willing to lay down your life, not so that you can be a hero, not so that you can be romanticized, and not so that you can be exalted…

Lay down your life for the sole purpose of wanting her to love Jesus and know Him more.

THAT is why Christ died for us, and it should be why we live and die for others.


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