What Real Men of God Do #12: Reclaiming the Standard


Standards and promises set by the world and by Jesus both come with eternal consequences. Both may end up costing you your physical life, but one rewards that cost with eternal spiritual life, while the other…with eternal darkness.

From the beginning, Men have rejected simple standards set by our loving creator, and tried to replace them with worldly ones. What we fail to realize is, we were created to desire and depend on an infinite God for our every need. This means that the longing in our hearts is “Jesus-sized” or “eternal.” Temporary satisfaction cannot fill our endless need for perfect love. The only thing that can fill and endless pit, is an everlasting God. In the garden Adam was created and given instructions by the Lord. There was no account of God directly giving these instructions to Eve, though both Adam and Eve were created with a full knowledge of God.
Adam was entrusted by God to lead His wife in the ways of truth and to guard her heart, but failed to do so…resulting in a fallen world.

Since that day, men have continued to reject, lower, and forget the standard God set. Men are called to be in fellowship with God, fully obedient to His every command, and fully committed to the partner He handcrafts to compliment them. Instead men have rejected truth, fallen out of fellowship and dishonored the very helper that was created to complete us in Christ.

Men vie for the hearts of multiple women rather than just one, they seek solely physical fulfillment rather than spiritual fulfillment and as a result, women accept these lower standards, perpetuate them and forget what God has called them to be: Priceless.

Women of God are priceless and yet, so many believe they have a price tag on who they are. Sin has weighed us all down and caused us to forget that our infinitely powerful and perfect God, put His son’s life on a cross so that we could be reconciled. We were granted perfect righteousness because of the sacrifice God made. We were made new.

It is time to remember and reclaim God’s standard. He sent His only son to model that standard for us, yet we keep turning to Satan and his first lie “did God really say that?”

Not only did God “say” that but all things came into being because He said so. That’s the God we should trust, not the one that causes doubt, pain, suffering, and the loss of eternal value. Satan’s promise is that you will join him forever in the lake of fire, where there is no God. Misery loves company, but it’s nothing we should aspire to.

God’s promise is that we will have abundant and eternal life with no sadness, no tears, no sin, no pain, no sickness, and no evil.

So men, strive to be life-givers and do not seek after your own flesh. There is life and death in the power of the tongue and it’s time that we stopped repeating the lies and chants of the evil one, and started repeating the same life-giving words that were spoken at the beginning of time:

“Let there be light.”

Set higher standards. Pursue those standards. Honor God. Honor your helper. Honor your brothers. Reclaim truth.


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